I will always…

Have you ever wondered about the person who is worth melting for? Who's slightest touch leaves a mark on you and their presence affecting your aura and purpose of life. I hold the pen begin to write, breathing desperately trying to open the doors of my mind to pace me towards new dimensions. I ponder [...]


A normal Human Being ✌🏼

I'm full of flaws. This is a message to all of my followers and beyond that. I too have flaws and usually I conceal them to utter pefection or my pictures are slapped hard with filters. Yes, I have bags under my eyes and the shade of my dark circles might probably be darker than [...]


She was shown the truth, Not in words but in reflections, Harbouring no illusions, Perceptions are utter lies, She was more or less than I. [Mk's Quill] (01.08.17)


She was strong, Strong enough to engulf him in madness. Her touch was like velvet, Soft enough to cleanse his soul. She had never-ending layers, Enough to reside him in her heart And enough to never remember his existence. 20.08.18


A city beyond words can describe, where the shadows of neolithic minarets fall on the streets leading to bazaars, where all that glitters is sold. Welcome to a land divided by more than it's districts, religious sects, castes, genders and school of thoughts. A city where bridges, foot paths and holy sites provide asylum to [...]

My Azad Kashmir 🌼

Slowly and reluctantly lashes lifting. Waking up is no longer the pleasure it was. I'm blinded, not by streaks of sunlight! But by pellets! Terror, silence and tears have hooded me. Where is my sigh of relief? Where is my Azad Kashmir? Blood flowing like streams of water Invaded mountains and occupied fields. The air [...]