I will always…

Have you ever wondered about the person who is worth melting for? Who's slightest touch leaves a mark on you and their presence affecting your aura and purpose of life. I hold the pen begin to write, breathing desperately trying to open the doors of my mind to pace me towards new dimensions. I ponder [...]


Today I thought to share something I wrote in Urdu. تیرے جانے کے بعد کیا بتاؤں تجھے، حلات کچھ یوں ھیں کہ، دن کو چراغ جلانے کے باوجور بھی، زنرگی میں ہر جگہ تاریخی ھی چاہی ہوئ ھے! Translation: (Loneliness) What can I tell you after you left, The situation is somehow like..., Irrespective of [...]


She dipped her mind in ink,Told her thoughts to speak,She was stone cold,Her world tinged purplish-blue, In the crystalline aura,A fortunate stroke of serendipity manifested,Though her body remained numb,Slowly and steadily,Apricity eveloped her like warm wooly layers on layers,Kissed her hard, And her soul set on fire 💛..[MK's Quill](28.12.19) Location: Patriata, Pakistan.


The wonder drug mania is truly in full swing, and people are using CBD for almost everything. Yes, Everything! Depending on where you live, you’ve’ probably seen CBD products — tinctures, vapes, capsules, bath salts, salves — pop up almost in every dispensary or even at the supermarket. We have been beyond curious to find [...]

The Creature #Shadow

She stood against the kitchen sink like a ghost; numbed by deep thoughts whirling around her. She gazed at the moon slowly ascend into the sky through the blinds. Sds, etching a shadowy figured beast behind her. She stood there feeling like a piece of the night, as if someone carefully cut her outline and [...]

Is CBD Oil Really The Elixir Of Menstrual Pain And PMS?

The Millennial Elixir to cure your PMS Dilemma and farewell Aunt Flow! It’s that time-of-the-month again when an unwelcomed guest arrives—Aunt Flow! Being a female is undoubtedly tough. Having to bleed once every month and juggling with everything during that painful phase is a daunting task, indeed. We often spend a significant part of our [...]


We all hold on to some fragments of our childhood memory and especially about our favorite candies! With no deny, ‘Gummy Bears’ remain among the top confectioneries. From actual bears to being crafted into gelatinous, rainbow-colored treats. One surely wishes to become a child again. Are you tired of consuming bitter therapeutics? Looking for something [...]