I will always…

Have you ever wondered about the person who is worth melting for? Who's slightest touch leaves a mark on you and their presence affecting your aura and purpose of life. I hold the pen begin to write, breathing desperately trying to open the doors of my mind to pace me towards new dimensions. I ponder [...]


Promise Ring 💎

Traditionally, a promise ring is a gift given from one partner to another to promise a future together. I truly adore sentiments like these but believe this isn't just limited to people in a mainstream relationship. I have had a handful of people in my life practicing such rituals. Some of them are still going [...]


Shining intimidatingly like the eye of the devil straight into the soul of the damned. It illuminated the tenebrous, starless sky as if the stars perched behind the thick grey blankets and streams of moonlight shooted on the land beneath, bleeding silver 🌃 . . . [MK's Quill] 07.06.17


Bad choices can be good experiences and sometimes bad things or even the worst possible things can simply project you towards a path in which you can get the best or even the best of the best. Don't lose hope darling, be patient and optimistic — after every storm, there is a rainbow ☀ MK's [...]

Legit Piece of Advice

Now that the year is coming to an end. I'll be extremely short with this one. Always and I repeat, emphasize, highlight in bold, underline and quote in inverted commas: "Be confident in your own skin and never take other people's validation prior or more than your own personal conviction. Tell others that they have [...]

A normal Human Being ✌🏼

I'm full of flaws. This is a message to all of my followers and beyond that. I too have flaws and usually I conceal them to utter pefection or my pictures are slapped hard with filters. Yes, I have bags under my eyes and the shade of my dark circles might probably be darker than [...]