It's been a while now since I wrote something and finally thought to come back to life before the year ends, and hopefully doesn't end me! Here we go... His eyes made her sink into a black hole of tranquility, His touch sent endless chills down her spine; arousing her into another dimension, His voice... Continue Reading →

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The place where the Lahore Resolution was passed—Minar-e-Pakistan. An indescribable paradox, where the shadows of neolithic minarets fall on the streets leading to bazaars, where all that glitters is not gold, but sold. Welcome to a land divided by more than it's districts, religious sects, castes, genders, social classes and school of thoughts. A city... Continue Reading →

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*Pomo What Doro?*

Welcome to something that even I was partially oblivious to. Yes, somewhat because, though I do follow this technique...I just did not know that it had a name too! Life sometimes gets too difficult to balance, especially getting tasks done on time! Life sometimes gets too tricky to balance, especially getting tasks done on time!... Continue Reading →

Does Money Fix Everything?

(A smart way to bring solutions not only to the underprivileged as well as yourself) If you’re interested in knowing about a simple strategy to hit multiple targets with a single arrow, dive deeper into this article.  How often do we take life for granted? Everyday!  With the rapid growth rate and technological advancements, our... Continue Reading →

Paper cuts

Sharing something I had written 3 years back 🙂 Desperately trying to fold my world over and over again, Like thin origami paper... Still seeking answers to the cuts on my fingers 🎠 [MK's Quill]29.03.17 Jawline. #2017

Visible Intelligence

Greetings, How is my WordPress Tribe? How is your Qua-routine going now? Reached the fifth level of Jumanji, eyyy! On a serious note, what new have you discovered about yourself or learned? Any talent, any skill? Well, I have set a goal and started graphic designing. Can you beat it? EmmKayy the highly anxious Ele... Continue Reading →

A Scarlet Letter of Shame!

(You can never function fully if your mental health is suffering at any given point or level) Today, I am about to deliver controversial rhetoric, that I feel needs to be sternly addressed as a subject. We live in a society where individuals zealously embrace the freedom of expression as a means of channeling out... Continue Reading →

Kratom adding a hint of magic to your relationships?

[Please note that Guidance Pa holds exclusive copyrights for this article that has been formulated as per all extensive data/research available, and according to user reviews at various forums. It is strongly advised to do thorough research and consult medical specialists before starting any supplement] Everyone is afflicted by numerous problems these days, but what... Continue Reading →


I can articulate a million thoughts,I can string together a thousand chords,I can carve thousands of fragments,I can weave neverending webs of poetry too! But where do I start?For I don't know who am I in this neverending universe of ecstatic entropy! Amidst the unfolding of life's curtains,The plethora of optical illusions, hard choices, countless... Continue Reading →

Amidst The Monochromatic Aura…

In the Depth of winter the tale begins The world is aquiver Entropy Augmenting Grumbling Clouds, Heavy Storms, Freezing Temperatures Thick breath vapours with every word exchanged Layers on Layers Never-ending Layers Teddy Coats and Woollen Sweaters Footprint Tracks and Cigarette Ash Trails Shades of Cherry and Mustards Pro-caffinating Musings, Amidst the Monochromatic Aura... Fuzzy... Continue Reading →

The Right CBD Dosage Calculator?

*This article was originally written on 16.10.19* Please visit Guidance PA to view more articles regarding Cannabis, CBD and Kratom, etc. Rapid scientific and medical discoveries, growing media coverage, and general public acceptance are undoubtedly fuelling the popularity of healthier alternatives to soar high. People have resorted to CBD as they believe it to be... Continue Reading →

Review on Mount Kratom

(All Article Rights Reserved By Guidance PA) Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family, native to Southeast Asia; including countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia. Its status is legal in the US as an alternative medicine. Here is a review regarding a Newyork based company selling top quality Kratom—Mount Kratom.... Continue Reading →


Hello WordPress Fam Jam and Newbies. Hope your quarantining is going smoothly. On a serious note, for me the routine is like regular days except I can't go to the park or swimming! I wrote something in less than thirty seconds today and dedicate it to the present situation. Enjoy!

Shopping CBD Oil Near Me vs. CBD Online

(Follow Guidance PA) Though, shopping has been revolutionized to a great extent; all thanks to e-commerce. However, many still prefer to shop the conventional (offline) way; even for their CBD Oil. When you read about all the tremendous blessings offered by CBD, you’re most probably curious about, Where exactly can you get your hands on... Continue Reading →


Gajra Today I thought to share something I wrote in Urdu. تیرے جانے کے بعد کیا بتاؤں تجھے، حلات کچھ یوں ھیں کہ، دن کو چراغ جلانے کے باوجور بھی، زنرگی میں ہر جگہ تاریخی ھی چاہی ہوئ ھے! Translation: (Loneliness) What can I tell you after you left, The situation is like… Irrespective of... Continue Reading →


She dipped her mind in ink,Told her thoughts to speak,She was stone cold,Her world tinged purplish-blue, In the crystalline aura,A fortunate stroke of serendipity manifested,Though her body remained numb,Slowly and steadily,Apricity eveloped her like endless warm layers of wool,Kissed her hard, And set her soul on fire 🔥..[MK's Quill](28.12.19) A glimpse of Winter '19. This... Continue Reading →


(All Article Rights Reserved By Guidance PA) The wonder drug mania is truly in full swing, and people are using CBD for almost everything. Yes, Everything! Depending on where you live, you’ve probably seen CBD products — tinctures, vapes, capsules, bath salts, salves — pop up almost in every dispensary or even at the supermarket.... Continue Reading →

The Creature #Shadow

She stood against the kitchen sink like a ghost, numbed by deep thoughts whirling around her. She gazed at the moon slowly ascend into the sky through the blinds, etching a shadowy figured beast behind her. She stood there feeling like a piece of the night, as if someone carefully cut her outline and peeled... Continue Reading →


(To Read More Of My Articles, Visit Guidance PA) We all hold on to some fragments of our childhood memory and especially about our favorite candies! With no deny, ‘Gummy Bears’ remain among the top confectioneries. From actual bears to being crafted into gelatinous, rainbow-colored treats. One surely wishes to become a child again. Are... Continue Reading →

(In the Serenade of Black)

It was the first time I set foot in the capital territory intending to not only to take part in a National Level Championship but to explore it too. Previous visits were very precise. I needed a break from everything that was engulfing me, back at my hometown—Lahore. So, I packed my suitcase and hit... Continue Reading →

A Promise Ring 💎

Traditionally, a promise ring is a gift given from one partner to another to promise a future together. I genuinely adore sentiments like these, but also believe this isn’t just limited to people in a mainstream relationship. I have had a handful of people in my life practicing such rituals. Some of them are still... Continue Reading →


Shining intimidatingly like the eye of the devil straight into the soul of the damned. It illuminated the tenebrous, starless sky as if the stars perched behind the thick grey blankets and streams of moonlight shot on the land beneath, bleeding silver. 🌃 . . . [MK's Quill] 07.06.17


Wrong choices can be enjoyable experiences, and sometimes bad things or even the worst possible things can project you towards a path in which you can get the best or even the best of the best. Don't lose hope, darling, be patient and optimistic — after every storm, there is a rainbow. ☀ (Love exists... Continue Reading →

Legit Piece of Advice 💯

Now that the year is coming to an end, I'll be precise with this one. Always and I repeat, emphasize, highlight in bold, underline, and quote in inverted commas: . . "ALWAYS." . . "Be confident in your own skin and never take other people's validation prior to or more than your own conviction. Tell... Continue Reading →

A normal Human Being ✌🏼

I'm full of flaws. This is a message to all of my followers and beyond that. I, too have flaws, and sometimes also conceal them to utter perfection. Yes, my pictures are sometimes slapped hard with filters. Yes, I too have bags under my eyes, and their shade might probably be darker than the kurta... Continue Reading →


She was shown the truth,Not in words, but in reflections,Harbouring no illusions,Perceptions are utter lies,She was more or less than I. [MK's Quill] (01.08.17) Loft 29. I am a staunch believer of the fact that the answer to everything lies with time; time is the key.


She was strong, Strong enough to engulf them in madness. Her touch was like velvet, Soft enough to cleanse their souls. She had never-ending layers, Enough to reside them in her heart And enough to never remember their existence. [MK's Quill] 20.08.18 #woman August Diaries.

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