The Creature #Shadow

She stood against the kitchen sink like a ghost, numbed by deep thoughts whirling around her. She gazed at the moon slowly ascend into the sky through the blinds, etching a shadowy figured beast behind her. She stood there feeling like a piece of the night, as if someone carefully cut her outline and peeled it away. The creature grew in length but stood there, tranquil as the night. It impersonated every movement of her as if it was worshipping her. It was an immaculate outline of her shape, an echo of her actions, a lifetime companion stitched to her soul. The grim outline of the shadow had possessed her completely, mesmerizing her instantly in a divine aura of magic.



[MK’s Quill]

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                  1. Now, our silence is speaking! Just under lockdown from months. What more can I say?
                    Although the winter is over, but the winter of loss, sadness and suppression continues!


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