Pakistan Bachao—An initiative to meet the 2030 Agenda through individual efforts!

We reside in a world shackled in capitalism’s chains, an economic system that is plunging the society to increase the socioeconomic strata! We are living in the dark ages where non-living materials have control over the human mind. The irony is the control has spread to control the heart too! 

Like every other comic fan kid, I also wanted to be a Superhero, however, of the non-fictional domain. I have always been keen to return the favor of what society blessed me with and uplift Pakistan’s status from an individual level. My family taught me that I might be alone or may seem weak at the start; however, one day, my efforts will double, triple, and so on, until a global wave is generated. This was the sparkplug that always kept my engine running, and I did not let go of my mission. I have been donating whatever I could afford throughout life. People like Abdul Sattar Edhi have always been my inspiration to focus on Humanity above all else. 

I have had the privilege to be part of Amal Academy (A Stanford Funded Fellowship), where my dreams became a reality! A part of the fellowship includes executing a Mega Project. I was honored to have my idea chosen for the Mega Project and be the leader of my circle. I have always observed society from every possible lens that I could have access to. One of my goals in life is to focus on socio philanthropic work. I always wanted to be a part of something that contributes pragmatic solutions to global crises, and thus, the idea of SDGs popped into my head while deciding the topic for the Mega Project. I have been a social and environmental activist since childhood. By the time I entered university, I was privileged to be part of Model United Nations, and that gave exposure to a new dimension; the 2030 agenda was instilled in me. 

I wanted to focus on two major areas: Mental Health and SDGs. Now you might be puzzled, but let me make it simple. 

Don’t you feel that our minds are now wired to upgrade with the rapid growth rate and technological advancements, not just in technology, but necessities like clothes, shoes, books, etc.? 

I have had severe mental health issues and started practicing mindfulness around a year ago. One of the things that I practiced was to create spaces by decluttering my house, and hence, my life! I started to get claustrophobic, and that kept adding layers of stress translating into mental health issues. 

For more details regarding the prologue of the series of this Mega Project blog, visit:

Losing space externally has caused to reduce the emotions and values internally! You subconsciously tend to become disorganized, feel pressurized or depressed, and eventually disconnected. The gateway you adopt to counter this issue is by getting more−Upgrading the material possessions. 

Do you think that is the fix? And when it comes to focusing on society, what do we do to save the crippling social strata? We consider donating some money once in a blue moon and believe that is the millennial elixir to everything, including poverty.

What are we doing?

While poverty cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced! My group, aka the Super 8, and I are focusing on poverty and sustainable living. We are young students and unemployed individuals that have strived for a month now to collect old clothes, shoes, and materials to donate for charity (SDG 1) 

All we have been doing is collecting old materials, reusing and restoring them, and transforming them into new goods. We have been focusing on several DIY projects using materials that go to waste like paper bags (to make cards), cardboard boxes (storage boxes), plastic/glass bottles (crafts), etc. The idea was to instill the principles of recycle, reuse and restore. Our main goals is to provide those crafts to the underprivileged and also sell items to generate revenue for the project. 

All work was divided equally between members according to domains: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Logistics, Finance, Content Writing and Designing.

All work was divided equally between members according to domains:

  1. Mahroz (Circle Leader): Project Leader, Content Design and Supervision
  2. Rubbas:  Logistics Manager
  3. Fatima and Saba: Social Media Managers (Instagram)
  4. Naveed: Social Media Manager (Facebook)
  5. Bilal and Awab: Finance Manager
  6. Umair: Video Editing Head

Pleas Note: We all helped each other by dividing the work and sharing the burden of each member. We are a family!


We also thought and focused on helping Karachi Flood Victims. I designed a poster too!

Want to check it out? Here you go!

What do we wish to accomplish?

Due to the Pandemic, there as been an economic recession at a global rate. There has been extreme downsizing and everyone has been affected financially, especially daily wagers or people doing low-paid jobs. Families have had issues in afording basic necessities to their members including clothes, shoes, bags, books, etc.

We wish to bring awareness in society to think about those below them and help us donating to charitable causes. 

Plan of Action

  • We have collected items from our homes, our friends and some Amal Fellows have reached out to contribute as well.
  • We have washed, cleaned, ironed and packed all the materials.
  • We have to complete the storage boxes DIY so that we can use them to transport our goods.
  • We have to design the cards we will be dispatching.
  • We need to wrap some more clothes and shoes.
  • We will be going to Edhi and SOS for now to donate in the first phase
  • We will continue our mission in the upcoming two weeks and even after the fellowship. In Sha Allah.
  • We will meet once when everything is ready in Lahore, have lunch and then go to the chosen areas.
  • We are still researching about the slum areas we can focus on as well.
  • We have to make a team post on our social media.
  • We have to make social awareness videos as well and will be done within this week with that!
  •  Do a digital campaign and hold a zoom session to make people aware of this.
  • Pitch this idea to NIC (LUMS) soon

*Though the progress has been slow due to the pandemic, we will meet our target!*

What we collected?

In crux, we have collected items like:

  1. Clothes (eastern and western)
  2. Shoes (all kinds)
  3. Jewelry
  4. Toys
  5. Purses, wallets and bags
  6. Books
  7. Accessories, etc.

Challenges Faced:

There were a lot of challenges due to the pandemic.

  • Transportation; couldn’t travel and meet up.
  • Internet issues to conduct meetings and do work on time.
  • Financial Issues (No investment and own capital).
  • Trust of people and even family or friends to donate.
  • Getting donations as no one was willing to step out during pandemic, but we are managing through our strategy of Careem delivery. 
  • Time Management issues due to family issues, university or work, etc.
  • People showing negative attitude towards donating.

Would you like to see a glimpse of the project?















I simple love my team! They have been such a great support and it was a pleasure working with them! All members contributed in various ways to make this project function!

Social Media Links



Thank you for reaching this far. I hope you enjoyed the journey! Stay tuned for more updates!

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