My Morning Alarm…

Hello WordPress Fambo! Felt like expressing something out of the blue; wanted to shift from poetry. Enjoy!

“I wake up to the rain thumping against the window pane. My soul is wrapped in layers of flesh and the warmth of blankets, desperately wishing your arms instead. As I emerge from the haze of sleep, I hear your footsteps downstairs. I sense the richness of coffee beans grounding. I smell the exoticness of your perfume swirling across the hallway and diffusing into my bloodstream!
I hear steel clinking ceramic in a tintinnabulation that calls me—my morning alarm.

I wake up only to realize that I put your perfume on before bed and woke up just like any other day, desperately waiting for you!” 🌸

This is a totally random post I wrote after Netflix and Chilling!

My nose is doing more running than me!

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        1. Dear Ashwinshankar, that is very kind of you. And the Quran has one universal version. You can get the English translations as well. When we talk about Peace Be Upon Him we say that to our Prophet Muhammad. And God is Allah. If you want to read about the life of the Prophet then there is a book called Seerat-un-Nabi. And if you want to understand about preachings of Islam then I can suggest some good books 🙂

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                1. Maulana Rumi was a persian poet a Sufi.
                  Do read Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. It is a story of how Rumi transformed. It’s based on Sufism. It takes you to a depth that you get to resonate with the divine and yourself.

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                  1. Oh! No I didn’t knew. I am search for her right now (on google) and order her books. No I haven’t even read forty rules of love by Elif Shafak. But I’m going to order that right now. Thank you.


                    1. Don’t judge me ok? You see my love grew not by reading literature about our God but by the smell of incense sticks, the sound of azan and the pride of wearing the cap.


          1. I’m a Sufi, my way to God is love and devotion. I go to Mosques wearing the cap and we all look alike. I sit with fakirs and talk about life. I dance to Qwalli… I never said this to anyone. And I’m not saying this to impress you because for me love of my Allah is way above than any other thing. I’m saying this to you so that you could suggest me some Good version and not just for the sake of suggestion.


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