Does Money Fix Everything?

(A smart way to bring solutions not only to the underprivileged as well as yourself)

If you’re interested in knowing about a simple strategy to hit multiple targets with a single arrow, dive deeper into this article. 

How often do we take life for granted? Everyday! 

With the rapid growth rate and technological advancements, our minds are now wired to upgrade, not just in technology, but necessities like clothes, shoes, books, etc. How often do we value our old things? Do we utilize everything in our homes or just stuff old belongings in the storage? Ask yourself this question. Think profoundly and analyze your lifestyle.

What’s the first connotation that you get when you think about all the old materials or junk hoarded in your house since God knows when? 


Do you know what else? The surroundings have a massive effect on your personality and inner well-being. Consider it this way, your homes are like mobile phones, and all the possessions/materials are categorized as photos, videos, songs, documents, etc. The more the clutter, the more, the more the weight and the lesser space. You subconsciously tend to become disorganized, feel pressurized or depressed, and eventually disconnected. The gateway you adopt to counter this issue is by getting more−Upgrading the material possessions.

Do you think that is the fix?

Furthermore, this has deactivated the basic principle of humanity, as well. The world is consumed by materials that we forget our kind. How often do you donate? Not money, because money doesn’t fix everything, but your old belongings? We might debate and upload hashtags about SDGs, but are we living a sustainable lifestyle? Do we organize our things accurately? Do we have that attitude or belief in letting go? Do we care about others? NO!

Do we even care about ourselves? We go to others for seeking help when the answer is right in front of us …rather within us. 

I grew up in a family where I was taught to be organized but was I a hundred percent? Ummm, maybe not! An idea clicked my mind, and I now want to focus on it for myself and others.

Being a staunch humanitarian and environmentalist, I want to bring a change that can one day change the world! 

My idea is simple, “Create more Space.” By this, I simply mean practicing the act of letting go of materials stuffing our households. 

Imagine a child desperate for a teddy, but can never afford one/

Imagine a poor kid walking barefoot on the streets in the scorching heat of summer. 

Imagine a servant girl waiting for her pay to save up and buy something decent after a year. 

Imagine the guards doing duty outside your house, wanting to eat in the same crockery as you. 

Imagine parents who can’t afford books for their children because they barely have something to meet ends. 

Imagine parents wanting to get their children married, but hardly have enough to wed them off. 

The cases toll in millions, but imagine what if that individual was you?

I want to focus on this because if you want to fix yourself, start investing in humanity. When you organize your life and get rid of extra belongings, you feel light. You not only let go of external bulk materials but also the internal toxins or weight holding you down in life. I can vouch for this personally 🙂

“We lift ourselves by lifting others.”

A small act of kindness can not only benefit others but ourselves as well. This is how you hit multiple targets with a single arrow. When you make a small step, you see it causes a rippling effect and leads to a massive impact, even on humanity at large. 

My mission is to start low and in my city−Lahore. I want to categorize all my old belongings and then donate them to the servants/workers of my area, and eventually to welfare organizations or orphan centers as well. 

The Key Partners:

I want to start low; the only partners would be my fellow group mates at Amal Academy and NGOs in the longer run.

Key Activities

There will be an array of activities. Stay tuned for more.

Value Proposition

A way to solve multiple problems ranging from battling mental health issues, meeting SDG’s and serving the underprivileged all at one go. 

Customer Segment

Primarily, low-income households and individuals below the poverty line regardless of age, religious beliefs, political beliefs, gender, sex, ethnicity, etc. And in the longer will expand.

Revenue Stream

The mission is to serve humanity and not do a profitable business. The donors will be asked to donate a meager amount of cash on every material donation. There will be sale events comprising multiple activities at different locations of Pakistan to generate the revenue.

Donate And Create Space For Everyone!

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