Greetings WordPress Tribe and Newbies. What is your qua-routine? And how is it different from your regular one? On a serious note, for me nothing changed; except I can’t go to the library or a bookstore, the park or swimming! I wrote something in less than thirty seconds today and dedicate it to the present situation. Enjoy!

Trapped in its alternative existence,
Beyond borders and power,
Behind barriers and masks,
Caged in a facade of the most powerful language,
Silence is surely speaking volumes,
Echoing the universe,
Now equivalent to the smallest unit it’s composed of—An Atom.

-(MK’s Quill)-

Meet Spirit.

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  1. Thanks for the follow and for reading several of my posts. I welcome you to my tiny tribe. I enjoy reading your perspective MK. God bless, keep writing and believing, sister.


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