Tick...tock...the clock struck... Tick! Tick, yet tock.Smiling, yet unhappy.Silent, yet observing.Reserved, yet communicating.Still, yet in motion.Craving, yet full.Caged, yet free.Black, yet painting.Blank, yet complete! *Black* *Tribal* *Wrote this poem on 23.01.21*

Poetry’s Death.

"Silence is the mother of mass destruction." (MK's Quill) I thought to pen something down today; the irony is, it's an elegy to poetry itself. There are syllables that never form words, Words fail to form sentences, Fragments flunking to fit or assemble; let alone form structure, substance depth or volume, There are states freeze... Continue Reading →


It's been a while now since I wrote something and finally thought to come back to life before the year ends, and hopefully doesn't end me! Here we go... His eyes made her sink into a black hole of tranquility, His touch sent endless chills down her spine; arousing her into another dimension, His voice... Continue Reading →


I can articulate a million thoughts,I can string together a thousand chords,I can carve thousands of fragments,I can weave neverending webs of poetry too! But where do I start?For I don't know who am I in this neverending universe of ecstatic entropy! Amidst the unfolding of life's curtains,The plethora of optical illusions, hard choices, countless... Continue Reading →


Hello WordPress Fam Jam and Newbies. Hope your quarantining is going smoothly. On a serious note, for me the routine is like regular days except I can't go to the park or swimming! I wrote something in less than thirty seconds today and dedicate it to the present situation. Enjoy!


Gajra Today I thought to share something I wrote in Urdu. تیرے جانے کے بعد کیا بتاؤں تجھے، حلات کچھ یوں ھیں کہ، دن کو چراغ جلانے کے باوجور بھی، زنرگی میں ہر جگہ تاریخی ھی چاہی ہوئ ھے! Translation: (Loneliness) What can I tell you after you left, The situation is like… Irrespective of... Continue Reading →


She dipped her mind in ink,Told her thoughts to speak,She was stone cold,Her world tinged purplish-blue, In the crystalline aura,A fortunate stroke of serendipity manifested,Though her body remained numb,Slowly and steadily,Apricity eveloped her like endless warm layers of wool,Kissed her hard, And set her soul on fire 🔥..[MK's Quill](28.12.19) A glimpse of Winter '19. This... Continue Reading →


She was strong, Strong enough to engulf them in madness. Her touch was like velvet, Soft enough to cleanse their souls. She had never-ending layers, Enough to reside them in her heart And enough to never remember their existence. [MK's Quill] 20.08.18 #woman August Diaries.

My Azad Kashmir 🌼

Slowly and reluctantly lashes lift, Waking up is no longer the pleasure it was. I'm blinded, not by streaks of sunlight, But pellets! Ammunition blundering it's love, Terror, silence and tears have hooded me. Where is my sigh of relief? Where is my Azad Kashmir? Blood streaming down like water Invading mountains and occupied fields.... Continue Reading →

Monochromatic musings

Days dripping grey upon my head. My heart running red like rain. Ever flowing while living goes, Through pleasant breathing pain, If I had ever known why the skies ever turned blue And kept me safe from harm, I’d be praising these monochromatic days, Extending it's youthful charm!

🍁Fallen Leaves🍁

🍁 Your luggage lies by the door in my mind, Packed and unpacked countless times, Now or never, it’s officially been long, You’re gone and the meaning of life is empty, Empty like a politicians address to people and if I could, I’d beg you to come back, But you left before today even arrived!... Continue Reading →

My cup of brewed goodness – Coffee.

Roasted on a perfect flame with passion so intense. Grinding flawlessly and relinquished completely as it tranpires into fine texture. Sizzling in boiling water for a perfect concoction. Its aroma, indulges the senses into motion. Strong, black, thick, smooth or creamy. The essence spreading through the air, makes the urge reach the plethora of heights... Continue Reading →

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