Tick...tock...the clock struck... Tick! Tick, yet tock.Smiling, yet unhappy.Silent, yet observing.Reserved, yet communicating.Still, yet in motion.Craving, yet full.Caged, yet free.Black, yet painting.Blank, yet complete! *Black* *Tribal* *Wrote this poem on 23.01.21*

Poetry’s Death.

"Silence is the mother of mass destruction." (MK's Quill) I thought to pen something down today; the irony is, it's an elegy to poetry itself. There are syllables that never form words, Words fail to form sentences, Fragments flunking to fit or assemble; let alone form structure, substance depth or volume, There are states freeze... Continue Reading →


It's been a while now since I wrote something and finally thought to come back to life before the year ends, and hopefully doesn't end me! Here we go... His eyes made her sink into a black hole of tranquility, His touch sent endless chills down her spine; arousing her into another dimension, His voice... Continue Reading →

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