What Does CBD Taste Like, And Can You Hack Its Flavour?

Dear WordPress Tribe! Here is my latest article on CBD's Taste. If you are interested to hack its skunky flavors then scroll down! . . . As the CBD industry continues to boom, many newcomers refrain from jumping on the CBD bandwagon, mostly skeptical about what CBD tastes like. YES! One of the most common... Continue Reading →

My Morning Alarm…

Hello WordPress Fambo! Felt like expressing something out of the blue; wanted to shift from poetry. Enjoy! "I wake up to the rain thumping against the window pane. My soul is wrapped in layers of flesh and the warmth of blankets, desperately wishing your arms instead. As I emerge from the haze of sleep, I... Continue Reading →


Tick...tock...the clock struck... Tick! Tick, yet tock.Smiling, yet unhappy.Silent, yet observing.Reserved, yet communicating.Still, yet in motion.Craving, yet full.Caged, yet free.Black, yet painting.Blank, yet complete! *Black* *Tribal* *Wrote this poem on 23.01.21*


"A battle between the heart and mind, the soul led to victory." In today's time and a world full of delusions, we are perplexed! While we get engulfed in a dispute between the mind and heart, we often forget that there is something deep beneath the surface—The Soul. There are things your mind wants to... Continue Reading →

Poetry’s Death.

"Silence is the mother of mass destruction." (MK's Quill) I thought to pen something down today; the irony is, it's an elegy to poetry itself. There are syllables that never form words, Words fail to form sentences, Fragments flunking to fit or assemble; let alone form structure, substance depth or volume, There are states freeze... Continue Reading →


It's been a while now since I wrote something and finally thought to come back to life before the year ends, and hopefully doesn't end me! Here we go... His eyes made her sink into a black hole of tranquility, His touch sent endless chills down her spine; arousing her into another dimension, His voice... Continue Reading →

*Pomo What Doro?*

Welcome to something that even I was partially oblivious to. Yes, somewhat because, though I do follow this technique...I just did not know that it had a name too! Life sometimes gets too difficult to balance, especially getting tasks done on time! Life sometimes gets too tricky to balance, especially getting tasks done on time!... Continue Reading →

Amidst The Monochromatic Aura…

In the Depth of winter the tale begins The world is aquiver Entropy Augmenting Grumbling Clouds, Heavy Storms, Freezing Temperatures Thick breath vapours with every word exchanged Layers on Layers Never-ending Layers Teddy Coats and Woollen Sweaters Footprint Tracks and Cigarette Ash Trails Shades of Cherry and Mustards Pro-caffinating Musings, Amidst the Monochromatic Aura... Fuzzy... Continue Reading →

The Creature #Shadow

She stood against the kitchen sink like a ghost, numbed by deep thoughts whirling around her. She gazed at the moon slowly ascend into the sky through the blinds, etching a shadowy figured beast behind her. She stood there feeling like a piece of the night, as if someone carefully cut her outline and peeled... Continue Reading →


The place where the Lahore Resolution was passed—Minar-e-Pakistan. An indescribable paradox, where the shadows of neolithic minarets fall on the streets leading to bazaars, where all that glitters is not gold, but sold. Welcome to a land divided by more than it's districts, religious sects, castes, genders, social classes, and school of thoughts. A city... Continue Reading →


She rushed towards the sink, with her heart pounding fast and lungs gasping for air. She looked up to the mirror and stared at the ghost before her. It had pale skin, as if a blur current had passed underneath and sunken eyes with purple rings perching on the ledges of its cheekbones, protruding from... Continue Reading →

The  Alphabet W – Words! Its your strike

Words are not just blots of ink on a piece of paper. There are 26 alphabets in the English language; alone, they are helpless and enervated. But when they join hands together, they attain a new dimension. Alphabets need the identity of "words." They are fragments of one's soul and embodiments of emotions that were... Continue Reading →

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