It's been a while now since I wrote something and finally thought to come back to life before the year ends, and hopefully doesn't end me! Here we go... His eyes made her sink into a black hole of tranquility, His touch sent endless chills down her spine; arousing her into another dimension, His voice... Continue Reading →

Amidst The Monochromatic Aura…

In the Depth of winter the tale begins The world is aquiver Entropy Augmenting Grumbling Clouds, Heavy Storms, Freezing Temperatures Thick breath vapours with every word exchanged Layers on Layers Never-ending Layers Teddy Coats and Woollen Sweaters Footprint Tracks and Cigarette Ash Trails Shades of Cherry and Mustards Pro-caffinating Musings, Amidst the Monochromatic Aura... Fuzzy... Continue Reading →


She dipped her mind in ink,Told her thoughts to speak,She was stone cold,Her world tinged purplish-blue, In the crystalline aura,A fortunate stroke of serendipity manifested,Though her body remained numb,Slowly and steadily,Apricity eveloped her like endless warm layers of wool,Kissed her hard, And set her soul on fire 🔥..[MK's Quill](28.12.19) A glimpse of Winter '19. This... Continue Reading →

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