Best CBD Infused Teas Of 2021

Sipping a perfectly brewed cup of tea can surely kick start your morning regime, or help you unwind after an exhausting or even give you an excuse to have a chit chat with your friends. Let’s get down to business. TEA IS NOT A NEED; TEA IS LIFE! Today, the product comes in countless forms... Continue Reading →

My Morning Alarm…

Hello WordPress Fambo! Felt like expressing something out of the blue; wanted to shift from poetry. Enjoy! "I wake up to the rain thumping against the window pane. My soul is wrapped in layers of flesh and the warmth of blankets, desperately wishing your arms instead. As I emerge from the haze of sleep, I... Continue Reading →


Tick...tock...the clock struck... Tick! Tick, yet tock.Smiling, yet unhappy.Silent, yet observing.Reserved, yet communicating.Still, yet in motion.Craving, yet full.Caged, yet free.Black, yet painting.Blank, yet complete! *Black* *Tribal* *Wrote this poem on 23.01.21*

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