(In the Serenade of Black)

It was the first time I set foot in the capital territory intending to not only to take part in a National Level Championship but to explore it too. Previous visits were very precise. I needed a break from everything that was engulfing me, back at my hometown—Lahore. So, I packed my suitcase and hit the road. A very uncanny vibe quivered through me as I sifted through the burger city, an identity, and preferred more than the genuine one by the rest of the country.
As the night fell into the actuality of darkness, the tranquility orchestrated the perfect ‘Nightlife Melody.’ The stars masqueraded like a choir; sparks were chanting like salient motifs. The notes diffused into my bloodstream and flooded through my cerebral cortex, signaling my nerves to relieve the stress they held. For a minute, I felt deluded, the abnormalities of the world, and I had split apart, and I seemed to drift away to a reassuring Neverland. Moments later, I snapped back to reality and realized that I felt something I hadn’t felt in ages—Alive! Undeniably, it was superfluous; it seemed like medicine delivered most divinely, enabling me to discover my entire existence. If this couldn’t do it, what could?
If this couldn’t do it, what could?

If this couldn’t do it, what could?

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan.

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