A Promise Ring 💎

Traditionally, a promise ring is a gift given from one partner to another to promise a future together. I genuinely adore sentiments like these, but also believe this isn’t just limited to people in a mainstream relationship. I have had a handful of people in my life practicing such rituals. Some of them are still going strong, some have officially tied the knot, some have gone their separate ways too. Then there are ‘others’ like myself who were never ready to enter this zone (or any zone near to this), but gifted themselves a ring for two main reasons. First, because rings are my weakness, and second, this is a commitment to myself that I will always love myself, support myself, take care of myself even if (hypothetically) the world turns against me.

On December 31st, 2018, I officially decided to retire. Retire from anyone or anything that causes me to harm in any way, mentally in particular. I won’t ever settle for something less than I deserve (and no, this doesn’t imply that I have had a breakup; I’ve always been single and that too by choice). I will try my best to never harm myself in any way!

This also most certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in men or the idea of being committed with anyone and officially marrying my self by telling monogamy to F*** off. In essence, I will always wait for my significant other patiently, and if someone were to give me a promise ring, I’d love it and cherish it! But for now, I am content with the decision I took and with what I got for myself.

P.S. Always remember the fact that no one and absolutely no one can understand you, love you, take care of you and even destroy you better or more than your ownself!

#mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #suicide #selflove #selfcare #strength #believeyoucanandyouarehalfwaythere

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