My Azad Kashmir πŸŒΌ

Slowly and reluctantly lashes lift,
Waking up is no longer the pleasure it was.
I’m blinded, not by streaks of sunlight,
But pellets! Ammunition blundering it’s love,
Terror, silence and tears have hooded me.
Where is my sigh of relief?
Where is my Azad Kashmir?
Blood streaming down like water
Invading mountains and occupied fields.
The air smells sour: of bullets and tear gases
The suffocation chokes my lungs and throat.
My fingers are numbing.
Words withering
Papers vanishing
Pens drieng up.
My heart breaking beyond boundaries of repairing.
Smile leaching to the ground As if it consumed acid. Harsh realities remain intact,
An unanswered question thickens the air!
And I ponder deeply as a storm of emotions smothers me.
Will I ever be blessed with wings too?
Will I ever even get an identity?
Where is my freedom?
Where is my Azad Kashmir?


[Mk’s Quill]



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