She was strong, Strong enough to engulf them in madness. Her touch was like velvet, Soft enough to cleanse their souls. She had never-ending layers, Enough to reside them in her heart And enough to never remember their existence. [MK's Quill] 20.08.18 #woman August Diaries.


The place where the Lahore Resolution was passed—Minar-e-Pakistan. An indescribable paradox, where the shadows of neolithic minarets fall on the streets leading to bazaars, where all that glitters is not gold, but sold. Welcome to a land divided by more than it's districts, religious sects, castes, genders, social classes, and school of thoughts. A city... Continue Reading →

My Azad Kashmir 🌼

Slowly and reluctantly lashes lift, Waking up is no longer the pleasure it was. I'm blinded, not by streaks of sunlight, But pellets! Ammunition blundering it's love, Terror, silence and tears have hooded me. Where is my sigh of relief? Where is my Azad Kashmir? Blood streaming down like water Invading mountains and occupied fields.... Continue Reading →

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