You are a Queen; carry yourself with royalty.

She was laying in her bed, eyes full of tears waiting for him; It seemed like forever. She had covered her face with her hands and kept on weeping in frustration. Her mascara spilled all over her face like ink spreading when it first kisses paper. She was thinking why he had eventually said, “I cannot be with you.” Her mind was crowded with numerous thoughts and could blow any second now. She was still wondering why her relationship went through thick and thin inspite of making constant efforts to do everything in the world that he liked. Despite shifting the blame on her for his faults and apologizing for the the scars he gave her. Irrespective of fighting constantly for him, standing up for him against all odds, waiting all day and staying up all night just to hear his voice or see a text pop up. She still hoped for things to be in her favour. She could not understand why on Earth he was never pleased; even when she had revamped herself to match his expectations. Despite all such efforts why he had never ever given her a word of appreciation or considered her something lower than shit. While she was lost in these thoughts, she once again tried calling him and texted him; no luck, she was still blocked from everywhere. She kept waiting that maybe one day he might return until her efforts finally paid off — her call went through and he finally picked up. She desperately asked him sobbing “What was my mistake?.” She always tried her best to patch things up but once again he had no answer. Like usual he diverted the issue, pretending nothing happend and showed no intrest to have a civil conversation. From loving him unconditionally, to accepting his flaws, forgiving him cheating, ignoring her and giving the time she deserved to someone else, from losing weight to destroying her sleep cycle, to blocking her childhood male friends to covering up her body in public and much more—she put every inch of her existence to make him the perfect smoothie, but he never craved for her flavor.
Once again a pack of cigarettes, countless calorie intake and sleep did the job easing her life a bit but making things even more worse.
This real life story is dedicated to all ladies out there feeling lost and shattered and constantly trying to get things working again and putting their maximum energy in making him smile. If he loves you he will smile without you even putting the slightest of efforts. Once a glass is broken no matter how much amount of glue or tape you put to put the pieces back together, it won’t repair or go back to it original form. Please do not waste your precious time over someone who says cute things to you but doesn’t show any effort to prove them. There is something beyond your expectations waiting for you with a bang! Exfoliate the memories laced on you like dead skin, shed that bad hair and move on. I promise they will come back once they realize they never found anyone of your caliber. You are a queen and should carry yourself with dignity and royalty so don’t settle for something so low and stoop yourself down to that level. Believe you can and you are already half way there my love. Be strong enough to walk away from all that is paralyzing you and be patient enough to wait for all those blessings out there written for you. Don’t bother taking revenge, karma does the job free of cost 🙂 and honestly speaking get yourself a guy who would love you even if you are a sack of potatoes. A man who loves you will surely take time out everyday from his life no matter how busy he is. A gentleman won’t ever push you to a level you trip over smashing your face and above all he won’t ever let go of a precious snowflake you are.


Dedicated to Mishy!

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  1. I wonder if such a girl even does exist, many a times gurls are never that loyal these days. Besides the betrayal a person can carry there is always an urge in a relationship from either side that keeps it alive, but once there is no juice in a fruit you squeeze it for nothing. I always wanted that girl described in this article but I could not find one, I did not even see one.

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      1. I do not hope to find one. Not in that race any more because there is none. My poetry is a reflection of my feelings and my books are a message


  2. One has to learn to love oneself before loving others. A person should always know what they are, what they want and what they need in life. When they figure that out they can easily let go of the negativity holding them back. In this case it is what she needs, she needs to let go of him.

    Wonderfully written.

    I understand the idea behind this but I would never consider a woman as a snowflake, she is steel (gold actually) strong and unbreakable. Sure, she has to go through flame and be tempered but once she comes out she is unstoppable.

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    1. I second you man, no one will live you or praise you until you start accepting and adoring yourself.
      By a precious snowflake I mean’t you are something so unique and delicate you have to take care of your own self too. Women are weapons of mass destruction and they arw the toughest soldiers out there. When she falls, she eventually does rise from the ashes and shows everyone what she is composed of.


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