The  Alphabet W – Words! Its your strike

Words are not just blots of ink on a piece of paper. There are 26 alphabets in the English language; alone, they are helpless and enervated. But when they join hands together, they attain a new dimension. Alphabets need the identity of “words.” They are fragments of one’s soul and embodiments of emotions that were untold. Their power is so intense that they can either stab a person and poison one’s mind, or they can make one’s day or even life. They can create magic or spell doom, be mysterious or put you in a severe amount of misery; they can lift your spirit or put you into an abyss; they can lift the curve of your lips and form a smile or can make you cry till you dehydrate. Words! Mere words! They can start a revolution and spread peace or lead to mass killings. Words are reflections of your thoughts – use them cleverly.
They build bridges for relationships to ambulate on, or they can wreck one’s soul.
They can inspire and transform individuals, heck nations, and they can also lead to global disorder.
They can shun or retard one’s growth.
Words heal and are therapeutic, but they are also toxic and fatal.
They liberate thoughts to freedom, or they can strangle and confine someone in shackles.
Choose your words well! Think before you strike! Don’t pretend to be oblivious of the effect they have on an individual’s life. They are not just words, sounds, or letters rearranged and uttered; they are the deadliest weapons one possesses.

[MK’s Quill]


2 thoughts on “The  Alphabet W – Words! Its your strike

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  1. I always believed that words have the potential of building bridges between our inner worlds, but also they can destroy a vulnerable soul. The miracle is that the light within our hearts seem to shine through our words, touching hearts, opening gates and bringing the healing we all need…
    Thank you for touching hearts through your words! And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!


    1. Dear Claudia,
      I am really touched by your words and agree to every bit of them. I am glad that they spread and reached out to someone across the globe, made someone smile and did some good. I will continue to write more, after all readers like you push writers like us to paint more images with words 🙂
      Mahroz (Mk)


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