I will always…

Have you ever wondered about the person who is worth melting for? Whose slightest touch leaves a mark on you and their presence affecting your aura and purpose of life. I hold the pen begin to write, trying to open the doors of my mind to pace me towards new dimensions. I ponder strongly for hours, days, and sometimes weeks over questions like, “What if trees had emotions residing inside of them as well! Would I have to owe them an apology at the cost of my freedom of expression?” An odd thought is flashing before you. Take a read. Imagine them fearing death, suppressed dealing with the notion, never ready to depart as we do. But without their support, my work and purpose feel incomplete. If they vanished from the root of existence and the graphite slowly dwindles too, I’d be lost wandering in the middle of nowhere in search of my tools to reach to you! I wonder what if my fingers numb and muscles are cramped and fatigued. Then I strongly ponder if I could write letters with my lips and maybe use yours as my notebook? Our love would surely strengthen as you would be the paper to my pen. I still wonder, should I go out and beg for forgiveness to every tree out there – stripped from its bark? To every piece of graphite confined to my pencil for the sole purpose and having the purest intentions of putting my thoughts to words and expressing myself to you! I will let the trees be stripped down, and every gram of graphite be exploited as long as I’m able to reach you. Meaning you will read me once more tonight and just once more in the morning till the day we depart. I will go extremes for you if I have to.

I will always hold the pen for you🌷

[MK’s Quill]

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  1. Amazing it always feels great after reading your posts. Great selection of words and it makes me imagine that scenario. Thank you for being out there 🙂

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  2. My flіp, my turn.? Larrу stated eagerly wigɡling to get
    a chance to talk. ?I believe the most effective
    thing about God is that he can beat up the deѵil
    becauѕe the devil is horrifying ɑnd mean and ugly and unhealthy and God cаn beat him up
    so thе satan can?t һurt us like he did those
    demon crammed individualѕ in Jesus daү.

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  3. This was overwhelming.
    “Meaning you will read me once more tonight and just once more in the morning till the day we depart.”

    And thanks for the love shown on my page, to quote someone we both know “Get your taste buds ready there are new flavors heading your way soon.”

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    1. I am very grateful that you took some precious time out of your life to read and give some feedback to my posts. I am caught up in profession and personal chapters of life but will write another article soon. Stay blessed.

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